Column Types

The Simple Grid Custom Field provides versatile column types to accommodate diverse data types and enhance the flexibility of your project’s information representation. Here are the typical column types available:

1. Text Column:

  • Description: The Text column type is ideal for capturing alphanumeric data, such as project names, descriptions, or any textual information.
  • Usage: Use the Text column to display and manipulate text-based data within the grid.

2. Numeric Column: (Coming Soon)

  • Description: The Numeric column type is designed for numerical data, supporting integers, decimals, or any numeric values relevant to your project.
  • Usage: Leverage the Numeric column to perform calculations, analyze numerical trends, and display quantitative information in a structured format.

3. Date Column: (Coming Soon)

  • Description: The Date column type allows you to input and manage date-related information, essential for tracking milestones, deadlines, or any time-sensitive project elements.
  • Usage: Use the Date column to ensure accurate time representation, facilitating chronological organization and analysis.

4. Single-Select Column: (Coming Soon)

  • Description: The Single-Select column type provides a dropdown menu for selecting a single option from a predefined list of choices.
  • Usage: Employ the Single-Select column to standardize data input, ensuring consistency and simplifying the categorization of information.

5. Multi-Select Column: (Coming Soon)

  • Description: The Multi-Select column type enables users to choose multiple options from a predefined list, accommodating scenarios where data may have multiple attributes.
  • Usage: Utilize the Multi-Select column to capture diverse information associated with a single data point.

6. Checkbox Column: (Coming Soon)

  • Description: The Checkbox column type allows for a binary selection, representing a true or false condition.
  • Usage: Integrate the Checkbox column to capture yes/no or true/false responses, simplifying decision-making and data filtering.

7. URL Column: (Coming Soon)

  • Description: The URL column type supports hyperlinks, enabling users to link relevant external resources or references.
  • Usage: Enhance the connectivity of your data by utilizing the URL column to provide direct access to external documents, websites, or supplementary information.

Choose the appropriate column type based on the nature of your data, tailoring the Simple Grid Custom Field to meet the specific needs of your projects.